Build stronger connections, trust and transparency

Two steps to take control of your customer relationships.
Consumer expectations are reshaping banking. Meanwhile, Open Banking is set to give your customers unprecedented choice and oversight of their finances.

BankFast delivers enhanced capabilities you need to manage your customer experience (CX) and gain first-mover advantage in a competitive environment. Cloud hosted and rich in features, it also simplifies Open Banking compliance.

An out-of-the-box, end-to-end digital engagement solution, BankFast means your customers can enjoy greater choice, better products and more flexibility - all wrapped up in a frictionless experience.

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  • Smooth, timely, relevant CX on any device to meet customer pain points

  • Open banking compliant through customer authentication consent and secure data sharing

  • Out-of-the-box solution with core system


But the opportunity doesn’t end there | BXP silver icon bxp

Ready to take your CX up a notch (or 10)? The BankFast eXperience Platform (BXP) with a full content management system (CMS) will set you up to deliver targeted campaigns and build your own differentiated customer journeys.

It’s your own extendable, data-driven marketing and personalisation platform, with enhanced bank-in-control features.

BXP’s widget marketplace allows you to not only use the existing marketplace functions but also create your own widgets that can be targeted at specific customer segments that will enable you to strengthen your online community. 

Secure, scalable and cloud ready, BXP will get you to market faster with pre-built, ready-to-use modules.


Developed using trusted technology standards to achieve improved efficiencies, BXP is reactive and agile, allowing you to respond to shifting customer demands and future proof your digital banking to keep pace with technology advancements as they happen.

  • Access to a flexible widget market place and select from a pre-built catalogue, build your own or integrate third-party widgets of your choice

  • Bank in control to support digital transformation with seamless, transparent digital CX

  • Helps segment new features quickly to match market demands and cross sell products
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It’s time for a CX reset

To connect with increasingly digital and self-supervised consumers, banks need to give a more personalised experience, one that’s aligned with the customers’ own levels of financial wellbeing.

Key to achieving those objectives are the prefabricated personal and business banking experience and service modules that come with BankFast and BXP. Developed using trusted technology standards, these provide the flexibility to adopt, extend or build your own differentiated experience. And they signal the end of custom-built or inhouse applications which are often expensive, complex and channel specific.

BankFast and BXP will equip you to build enduring customer relationships and strong connections based on trust and transparency, delivering the agility you need to future proof your digital banking.



Digital Banking Solutions with Sandstone – Reset customer relationships to build trust and brand loyalty.

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Is your customer experience complete?

Mobile App is the logical companion product for rounding out your digital banking CX, with a mobile-first approach that delivers real value to your customers. It also integrates 100% with BXP.