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Data standardisation

Is the world ready for global data standardisation?

With financial transactions forming the backbone of so much of our commercially driven world and ever increasing in volume, now is the time to make them as efficient as possible.


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Open Banking: How Australia can learn from the UK

Open banking drew global attention in 2016 when the top nine banks in the UK were tasked to deliver open source APIs for third-party use by January 2018. Since then, open banking has been introduced in many countries around the world with varying regulatory and standardisation controls. The UK’s regulatory framework and cost of entry has seen a significant shortfall in the uptake of open banking. What does it mean for Australia?


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Open Banking and the stigma of regulation in
the UK

Heavy regulation around open banking in the UK since launch has hampered industry involvement and acceptance. However, this needn’t be the case…



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Does your digital banking strategy tick all the boxes?

If your digital banking strategy aims to maximise uptake, you need to focus on supercharging the digital channel to create a central hub for all customer…



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The importance of digital banking in the digital age

Today, all banks and financial institutions have a digital banking platform. Increasingly, it’s your existing customers’ channel of choice for interaction…



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Why it’s so hard
to convert banking customers via digital platforms

Creating a digital acquisition flow, one that keeps website visitors engrossed and engaged from research through to onboarding, is a significant…



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Acquiring banking customers online: win more home loan customers

In the increasingly competitive world of banking, digital acquisition is complex. Check out these acquisition strategies to build your customer base…



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Open Banking - looking beyond data sharing

In this paper, we take a view on what ‘Open Data’ means for different financial institutions and what approach they can take to position it as their differentiator.



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