Open banking ready with total control at your fingertips

Ensure you maintain competitive advantage while providing your customers – both personal and business - with the optimum online experience.

Sandstone’s multichannel BankFast eXperience Platform (BXP) puts you in control of customer experience, partners, products, data and operations. You can deploy your own changes and automate updates to the core platform features; set up different experiences – from layout and content to offers, promotions, widgets and apps; and service the needs of different customer segments, a crucial feature for retention.

BXP’s visual preview function also gives total transparency of your end-customers’ digital experience before it’s rolled out on different devices. Open Banking ready and compliant with regulations, BXP is a mature, flexible, tried-and-tested offering based on the highly successful BankFast platform.

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Customer centric at its core

BXP satisfies customer segments and builds trust by serving up relevant content and differentiated experiences based on account activity data and insights. Customers navigate an engaging, frictionless environment through a fast-loading, simple interface.


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Bank in control

Manage your content and maintain control of the end-to-end customer experience with a platform that services the full range of account types and payments, ultimately improving your digital transformation process. Meanwhile, BXP supports Open Banking and regulatory compliance.


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Deployed in weeks

Integrate quickly and seamlessly with your core banking and deploy new features as soon as they’re released, reducing cost and minimising disruption to staff and business-as-usual processes. Future proof your platform and avoid expensive, time-consuming extensions in years to come.


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Leading-edge solution

BXP offers deep transactional and self-service capability for personal and business customers, allowing financial institutions to service:

  • Current/transaction accounts
  • Mortgage and loan accounts
  • Term deposit accounts
  • Regular savings accounts
  • Credit card accounts
  • Notice accounts
  • Foreign currency accounts
  • Business savings accounts
  • Business current accounts
  • Private accounts
  • International payments

Feature-rich solution from a trusted partner

As customer segments become more digitally cultured and self-supervised, the banking experience needs to feel more connected and aligned with individual needs and pain points. BXP is an out-of-the-box solution that gives full visibility across all facets of customers’ financial wellbeing with meaningful insights to help them reach financial goals.

The platform comes with a catalogue of prefabricated personal and business banking experience and service modules. These personalised widgets give you the flexibility to adopt, extend or build your own differentiated experience.

Compliant with global security standards and individual geography regulations, BXP’s security patches are released and deployed within strict service level agreements to keep you covered 24/7. Your BXP platform will be fully containerised and cloud ready for scalability and faster time to market.



Digital Banking Solutions with Sandstone – Reset customer relationships to build trust and brand loyalty.

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Is your customer experience complete?

Mobile App is the logical companion product for rounding out your digital banking CX, with a mobile-first approach that delivers real value to your customers. It also integrates 100% with BXP.