Behind every Sandstone success is a team.

Together, we’re far greater than the sum of our parts.

Teamwork and technology are two of Sandstone’s keys to success, and the leadership that drives our team forward is one of our greatest strengths. We have gathered together some of the industry's best minds to help us reach our objectives, and today we stand proud as an example of how living your company values can achieve the loftiest of goals.

Meet our team. 


Bob Hall

Chairman / Co-founder
Acting CEO


A former IBM employee, Bob co-founded Sandstone Technology with Violet Yu in 1996. Nicknamed ‘Bob the Builder’, he is always full of ideas and loves developing them into great products.


Violet Yu

General Manager HR
and Co-founder


Co-founding Sandstone after years at IBM, Violet is passionate about technology and people. Having performed almost every role at Sandstone, she is now focused on hiring the best of the best for the company.


Michael Phillipou

Chief Customer Officer

Michael has a wealth of experience in the financial services industry including leadership roles at both Westpac and Bendigo Bank; he also co-founded a digital banking disruptor.


Pow-Chuan Lee

Chief Financial Officer

Pow-Chuan has held a broad variety of finance and business roles for over 15 years, fueled by a passion for growing Australian companies locally and globally.


Andrew Duckworth

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew has held senior technology roles at Sandstone across all business units for over 15 years, and currently sits on the board for LIXI.


Dom Monty

General Manager Digital Banking

Dom joined Sandstone from IBM in 2001. He has a passion for technology and all things digital.


Raymond Yap

General Manager Digital Acquisition

Ray has been with Sandstone for over 10 years after working in senior lending roles for leading financial institutions including Citi, AMP Bank and ING Direct.


Liam Crehan

General Manager Lending Solutions

Liam has been with Sandstone for 13 years.

Prior to joining Sandstone Liam worked with a number of financial institutions in Ireland, Scotland and in Australia St George bank.

Chaitanya Pinnamaneni

Chief Cloud Officer

Chai is an ardent advocate for agile and DevOps practices, and thrives on finding innovative solutions to complex problems.

Andy Thompson

General Manager Europe

Andy has held a diverse range of technical and business roles in his 14 years at Sandstone.


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