Deliver real value for customers and staff

In a competitive environment, elevating your customers’ daily online experience can deliver the ultimate point of difference.

Transform the way you interact with customers, engaging them through a full set of banking functions on their device of choice, and you instantly begin to build more meaningful relationships.

BankFast Online (BFO) is Sandstone Technology’s next-generation online banking solution. An out-of-the-box (OOTB), extendable, end-to-end digital platform, BFO delivers real value for your customers and staff, boosting trust and transparency. It also offers easy sharing of data with third parties in compliance with Open Banking standards.

Seamlessly integrating with your core banking, cards systems and other internal and external systems, BankFast Online gives your personal and business banking users fast, simple, secure access to daily banking services.


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Service different account types for personal and business banking including:

– Current/transaction accounts

– Mortgage and loan accounts

– Term deposit accounts

– Regular savings accounts

– Credit card accounts

– Notice accounts

– Business savings accounts

– Business current accounts


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Customer centric all the way

A smooth, relevant CX on any device, with an interface customised to personas and experience, giving full visibility across all facets of the customers' financial wellbeing. Improve your uptake through better customer satisfaction and trust.


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Security, compliance and anti-fraud

BFO complies with global security standards and individual geography regulations. Security patches are released and deployed within strict service level agreements to keep you covered 24/7.


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Deployed in weeks

A feature-rich, OOTB solution from a trusted partner with new innovations passed on automatically through regular releases. Minimise disruption to your teams and customers, reduce costs and time to market, and net a higher return on investment.


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Show your customers you know them

When people talk about the potential of digital transformation in financial institutions, they’re talking about the kind of game-changing features that are built into BankFast Apply.

To connect with increasingly digital and self-supervised consumers, banks need to give a more personalised experience that’s aligned with the customers’ own levels of financial wellbeing. BFO leverages customer data from multiple sources, giving real-time, predictive, actionable insights and enabling engagements that show you know and understand your users.

Unlike custom-built or inhouse applications which are often expensive, complex and channel specific, BFO comes with a catalogue of prefabricated personal and business banking experience and service modules. These provide the flexibility to adopt, extend or customise your own differentiated experience.



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Let AI enhance your customer journey

DiVA is the next logical step in your customers’ mortgage or credit journey. AI can accelerate your origination application assessment on a platform that integrates 100% with BankFast Apply.