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The digital banking landscape has changed forever. With an increased demand for online servicing and customers engaging with their financial institutions with a mobile first mindset, banks can no longer take the lead in the conversation. The power has shifted to that of the customer, whether that be consumer or business. Customer experience is once again at the forefront of engagement and looking at ways in which processes can be automated, made more efficient and effective, that directly impact the customer will benefit everyone involved. Below we provide some thoughts and insights on some of the topics and themes we view as important factors to being successful in financial services.

Rollin’ with Gen Zs and Alphas: what financial institutions need to take on board

It seems like only yesterday that Millennials were the up-and-comers, their digitally-driven behaviours forcing change in the financial industry. Now it’s Generation Z, half of whom are already adults, and all of whom are digital natives. Meanwhile, the Alpha generation – the under 10s – are hot on their heels. 

What’s shaping the money mindsets of these younger generations, and how will financial institutions (FIs) need to evolve to keep them as customers? 


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International Payments in a Digitised World

The desire for both business and personal banking customers to self-serve has never been greater. Fuelled by the digital experiences forced upon us during the global pandemic, our acceptance of – and ability to successfully use – digital platforms has increased significantly, meaning the expectation people have of what ‘good’ looks like online, both in terms of experience and the tasks that can be performed, has changed dramatically.


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