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With changes in regulation, and government incentive programs being introduced across the world, small business owners are finally gaining the level of attention they have been craving for years. No longer are they being cast aside, instead, banks and financial institutions are now realising the potential of this untapped market. The problem? Small to Medium Enterprise’s (SME) require, and rightfully expect the same level of support and customer experience as the consumer market, however many financial institutions have not made this provision in their service offering. What does that mean for the SME segment? Our thoughts are below.

7 digital banking solutions to help retain and acquire SME customers

During the pandemic, at a time when many SMEs needed their banks’ support the most, they were let down by a major service gap.

Many SMEs have lost trust in the major banks through COVID. But the opportunity is there to turn that around, to help SMEs drive growth in economic recovery, using banking solutions that grow with the customer and address the  service gap.

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