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Mobile App Innovation | Sue Sandhu

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Fast 5 with Sue Sandhu, Product Owner, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Mobile banking technology is constantly evolving and demanding world-class customer experiences with simple and seamless UI. We chatted to Sue and see what else she had to say...

Q1. What exciting innovation have you seen in the banking mobile app space over the past 12-18 months? 

Mobile biometrics. Smartphones with more use of sensors have made biometric technology more accessible and mainstream, giving passwords a run for their money and making transactions faster and more secure.


Q2. What is the one feature/functionality do you think helps the end customer do the most in banking apps?

Pay anyone and Bpay. Under the new circumstances due to Covid, paying cash to a mate or going to deposit a bill are not feasible. So having this digital functionality have helped the customers do the most in their banking app.

Q3. What Mobile App feature could you not imagine living without today and why?

Osko for sure. Osko functionality might go uncelebrated, but it’s hard to think about Mobile app without Osko. The ease with which the customers can see how their money is moving across different banks instantly was a game changer when it was first introduced and is still a bigger winner for me for the basic use of Mobile apps.

Q4. What do you see as a game-changer for the future of mobile banking? 

AI – I believe use of artificial intelligence can be a game changer for banks to achieve their objectives, as this technology can truly be used to automate their processes (leading to greater efficiencies), engaging with customers, and personalising experiences (leading to better customer satisfaction), and risk management.


Q5. What book have you read in the past 12 months you could recommend to the audience?

12 Rules for Life - An Antidote to Chaos is a self-help book by Canadian clinical psychologist and psychology professor Jordan Peterson. It is a story-based, entertaining self-help manual that lays out a set of simple principles that can help us become more disciplined, act with integrity, and balance our lives while enjoying them as much as we can.


Sue Sandu

‘It’s quiet interesting where life takes us’. Coming from a marketing and mass communication background Sue found her passion in creating products that bridge the gap between business strategies and customer experience.  Technology plays a very pivotal role across businesses and creating a product that serves the business and customers’ need, is Sue's calling. At Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited Sue enjoys the privilege to do all of the above and contribute towards setting strategic business goals. In my free time you'll find Sue gardening, at a beach or on a road trip.



Fast 5 with Sue Sandhu | Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Posted by Sandstone Technology on Feb 2, 2022 4:43:40 PM