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Open banking, will LIXI standardisation lead the way?

Digital Banking Upgrade: Delivered in 5 months

June 4, 2019

BOQ Specialist, a financial services provider to niche target clients, wanted a more up-to-date, intuitive Digital Banking platform. They also wanted a solution that offered greater control for themselves and their clients.

Open banking, will LIXI standardisation lead the way?

6 surprising fundamentals to maximising Digital Banking uptake

May 29, 2019

All banks offer essentially the same products and services. Customer retention is driven primarily by the exhaustive process of moving banks, rather than price, brand or service. But when Open Banking comes, the barriers to move will be gone.

Open banking, will LIXI standardisation lead the way?

How to thrive in a post – Open Banking Australia

April 23, 2019

Open Banking is coming to Australia from 1 July 2019. Within two years, every banking customer in Australia will be able to move any of their accounts with ease. This regulatory change is going to make competition between banks fierce as the…

Open banking, will LIXI standardisation lead the way?

Win more home loan customers: Digital Acquisition strategies

March 12, 2019

We are living in the digital age and that means customers want to have a digital home loan application experience. Your brand, rate and offer may get them to your website. But how many of them go on to apply, be approved and then settle is…

Open banking, will LIXI standardisation lead the way?

Shared values deliver the perfect Digital Banking solution

February 5, 2019

As a small bank, Arab Bank Australia’s main priority is customer relationships. So when Arab Bank Australia wanted to upgrade their Digital Banking platform, they wanted a vendor who shared their philosophy on customer…

Open banking, will LIXI standardisation lead the way?

Are you building the lending of the future today?

March 15, 2017

The future of lending: Using technology to transform the borrowing experience into one that is exciting, relevant, fast and seamless. Customers today have high expectations of technology. Up until 20 years ago we had to…


Sandstone achieves FSQS (Financial Services Supplier Qualification Systems) accreditation

As part of our ongoing commitment to Sandstone’s European financial services clients, Sandstone Technology has recently received FSQS accreditation. This continues to underpin Sandstone’s success and reputation…


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Sandstone appoints new GM of Sales, Marketing & Partnerships

Michael Phillipou has joined Sandstone Technology in the newly created role of GM – Sales, Marketing and Partnerships. Michael brings a wealth of experience to Sandstone through his vast experience in the financial services industry…


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Sandstone launches Australia’s first 10 minute home loan top-up online module

Sandstone Technology release Loan+, the first fully-integrated, real-time, self-service, home loan top-up facility into the Australian market…


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Sandstone Technology helps SBS acquire new customers in the digital age

Sandstone Technology has announced it has delivered a fully digital cloud-based experience for new and existing SBS Bank customers using Sandstone’s Digital Acquisition Solutions…


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P&N Bank’s new digital strategy sees the delivery of superior customer experiences

WA’s largest locally owned bank, P&N Bank, has made it easier for its customers to bank online with the launch of its new online credit card and personal loan functionality…


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Auswide and Sandstone Technology – a thriving digital partnership

Auswide enjoys the full suite of Sandstone’s Acquisition, Digital Banking and Lending technology and will soon be launching our next generation Mobile Banking Customer Experience App.


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Chaitanya Pinnamaneni – GM Could Services

Sandstone expands its cloud services offering, appoints new GM to lead the charge

In its endeavour to deliver value faster and reduce costs for key digital and lending services, Sandstone has embarked on a cloud-first strategy for its products. The cloud services offering has been very well received...

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Pow-Chuan Lee, CFO

Sandstone Technology announces its new Global CFO

Ms Pow-Chuan Lee, effective 6 August, 2018. Pow-Chuan will be based in Sandstone Technology’s North Sydney headquarters. Prior to joining Sandstone, Pow-Chuan held a range of local and global senior commercial and finance roles with both Australian and international corporations, including SAI Global, Coca-Cola…

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Cloud Services

Sandstone gets its Wings

Sandstone Cloud Services (SCS) is a fully cloud-based offering for Sandstone products. With low entry cost, volume-based licensing and free from the hassles of having to manage your own IT operations; SCS offers a simple, affordable and elastic solution allowing…

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Market Harborough Goes Digital

Market Harborough Building Society has deployed a Deposits Origination and Digital Servicing platform from Sandstone Technology.

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PCF Bank partners with Sandstone to launch an origination and servicing platform

PCF Bank has launched a new digital platform to facilitate the origination and servicing of savings deposit products online. The service uses the latest responsive platform from Sandstone Technology supporting mobile, tablet and traditional PC channels.

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Adelaide Bank’s brokers realise benefits from LendFast

In an article appearing in Australian Broker on July 6 2017, Adelaide Bank attributes the benefits it is seeing through its broker channel to the deployment of its new loan origination system.

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St Vincent de Paul’s CEO Sleepout

The St Vincent de Paul Society ‘CEO Sleepout’ was held last Thursday night in Sydney and nationally, we have raised in excess of $5m. Thanks to the support of the Sandstone family, partners and friends, I am proud to say I have been able to raise $5,000.

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Auswide Bank’s investment in technology delivers new Internet Banking & Mobile App

Auswide Bank has grown its partnership with Sandstone Technology to deploy its new and exciting Internet Banking and Mobile App solutions. The program was designed to ensure Auswide Bank customers were…

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New digital banking platform for SBS Bank

SBS Bank has partnered with Sandstone to deploy a new digital banking platform to facilitate an anywhere, anytime experience for the bank’s members.

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Julian Blackley appointed as CEO

Sandstone Technology’s Board has approved the appointment of Julian Blackley as the FinTech’s CEO following a successful 8 months in the role of Acting CEO.

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Digital Banking Software: Much more than a transaction list

May 21, 2019

Open Banking is coming. Customers will be able to move accounts between banks with ease. Your sticky customers suddenly won’t feel so stuck. And once switching banks is as easy as switching mobile providers, customers will be on the move.

The importance of Digital Banking in the digital age

May 7, 2019

All banks and financial institutions have a Digital Banking platform these days. But does yours just cover the basics? Or have you realised the fast-growing importance of this channel for your customers and your bank’s future?

Does your Digital Banking strategy tick all the boxes?

April 23, 2019

It’s time to change your perspective – it’s no longer ‘digital banking’. It’s ‘banking in a digital world’. And to take your rightful place in this digital world, your Digital Banking strategy needs to tick all the boxes.

Acquiring banking customers online: Why your online forms aren’t converting

March 12, 2019

Acquiring loyal, profitable banking customers these days is an interesting challenge. You’re marketing enticing deals, and visitors are hitting your website in record numbers. You’re talking to more potential customers than…

Why it’s so hard to convert banking customers via digital platforms

February 19, 2019

Being a responsible bank in today’s world is complex. Doing the right thing by your regulatory obligations, while being customer focused, and keeping your team engaged is like trying to fit together puzzle pieces…

ING attributes efficiency gains to LendFast Origination System

January 17, 2017

ING has attributed Sandstone’s LendFast solution to efficiency improvements in the end to end origination process. The platform has resulted in a 50% reduction in processing time per loan with customers able to upload…

Sandstone’s 2018 customer conference highlights

Sandstone customer conference

Building better banking experiences for our customers since 1996, as one of Australia's earliest Fintechs, Sandstone held its annual customer conference this month, showcasing new functionality and products across its suite of digital banking & origination platforms. From the marketing and acquisition channels, access and apply channels, through origination, banking, digital mobility and now automation, our customers were excited to learn more about new features, client configurability, process efficiency opportunities and our new hosted solutions to suit every scale of organisation.

Senior executives from 20+ Australian and New Zealand financial services groups came together for a whole day in Sydney to also hear from industry leaders and peers on the trends of today and tomorrow, what challenges and opportunities are evolving and how reform and regulation will continue to influence the digital environment both in Australia and internationally. Sandstone also hosted several interactive panel discussions on topics ranging from Open Banking, Digital Acquisition technology, Bank-in-Control and third-party channels.

Sailors with disABILITIES – Making Waves Rally 2018


The Sandstone family loves to get behind worthwhile charities and causes and sponsoring the Making Waves Rally in 2018 was no exception. All sponsors had a fantastic day out and it was great to have the most people from the different companies represented on the day by Sandstone.

The event was very well run with fantastic support from the organisers and volunteers.

Most importantly, it was very fulfilling for all involved to know that we had collectively raised over $50,000 for Sailors with disAbilities which equates to 330 children being able to access the various programs.

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