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Boost home loan approvals by up to 31% with our Digital Lending solutions

Automation, integration and compliance

Revolutionise and speed up your lending processing power with our Digital Lending solutions that automate the end-to-end loan origination and document verification process.

For many banks, loan origination still involve large sections of manual processing. The manual work requires resources, takes time and risks data entry errors. This is where Sandstone Technology’s Digital Lending solutions can help.

With 30+ integrations to core systems and third-party vendors, our solutions automate the end-to-end loan origination and document verification process. Bridging the manual approval process gaps between sales channels, internal processing teams, core banking systems and third-party vendors.

This, in turn, speeds up home loan approvals, frees up resources and automatically ensures compliance with current regulatory standards.

Our Digital Lending solutions and deep banking industry experience are the reason we’re the trusted, experienced partner of dozens of banks and financial institutions.

How does Sandstone’s Digital Lending technology work?

Sandstone’s innovative technology combines automated processing application with an intelligent document verification tool.     

LENDFAST automates the end-to-end home loan approval process – from verifying the property’s value to determining a customer’s loan serviceability.

DiVA (Document intelligent Verification Assistant) automates the document processing element of application submissions, ensuring compliance with the latest regulatory requirements. Using the latest machine learning technology stack, it reads, rotates, crops and saves all documents in seconds. Removing the need for any manual intervention unless an issue is raised.

The combination of these straight-through processing tools can transform your manual, weeks-long procedure into an automated, streamlined process. One that delivers best-in-industry home loan approval processing timeframes and the ability to process more loans, faster with no additional FTE requirements.

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Why you need Sandstone Technology

Over 20 years at the forefront of digital banking innovation

Proven solutions with leading financial institutions across 3 continents: Tier 1 to customer-owned

First to market with new innovations

We make the complex simple

Increasing home loan conversions by 31% may seem complex; but we make the complex simple.

We’ve navigated the pitfalls for you.

We can help you deliver significant, positive change quickly, while minimising disruption to your teams and customers.
Partnering with us means you have an experienced, strategic partner by your side.

What are you waiting for?

Convert, engage, enhance.

Sandstone builds better banking experiences for its customers by creating smart connections.

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