Digital Acquisition with Sandstone Technology

Increase conversion by up to 25% with our innovative solutions for financial institutions

The challenges facing banks in the digital age

Converting customers in our digital age is complex. But we make the complex simple. Our innovative digital acquisition solutions and decades of experience can improve your conversion rate by up to 25%.

Acquiring customers these days isn’t just about advertising a great offer or having a flashy website to lure in leads.
Our digital acquisition solutions go beyond just advertising a great offer. We can help lift customer conversion rates across the entire digital buying journey to reduce your customer acquisition costs and improve customer experience.

  • 30,000marketing leads to your
    1,500 apply
  • Are you missing out on
    28,500 customers every month?

Not to mention, a customer isn’t truly a customer until they’ve been approved and then deposited funds or settled their loan. To stop this conversion leak, you need a considered, strategic focus across the whole organisation.

You need Digital Acquisition with Sandstone Technology.

What is ‘Digital Acquisition’?

Digital Acquisition is a specialist discipline. One which can increase your current customer conversion rate by up to 25%.

Our innovative digital solutions for banks, underpinning this discipline, will help you maintain engagement with prospective customers from research to onboarding.


Hit ‘Apply’

Finish the

Settle or deposit

Why you need Sandstone Technology

Over 20 years at the forefront of digital banking innovation

Proven solutions with leading financial institutions across 3 continents: Tier 1 to customer-owned

First to market with new innovations

We make the complex simple

We’ve navigated the pitfalls for you.

We can help you deliver significant, positive change quickly, while minimising disruption to your teams and customers.
Partnering with us means you have an experienced, strategic partner by your side.

Our innovative digital acquisition tools

These market-disrupting tools, coupled with our strategic experience, will deliver you an up to 25% increase in customer acquisition and conversion.

Loan+ – Home loan top-up

Loan+ makes applying for a home loan top-up quick, seamless, and simple while still adhering to lending credit policies and maintaining responsible lending practices.

LARA – Loan Assistant

Customisable loan research and discovery tool. LARA helps customers determine their borrowing capacity, learn about products available to them and motivates them to APPLY.

APPLY – The omni-channel on-boarding solution

Based on the psychology of online consumer behaviour, APPLY makes applying for a deposit account, credit card or loan simple, engaging and enjoyable.

Tracker – Post-application online customer portal

Speeds up the approval process, keeps the customer informed and in control, and reduces unit processing costs while maximising conversion.

What are you waiting for?

Convert, engage, enhance.

Sandstone builds better banking experiences for its customers by creating smart connections.

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