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Adopting a cloud-first strategy, Sandstone launches its digital platform offering for its product suite

April 16, 2018 | Media Release

Sandstone Technology, an Australian based Fintech which has been providing innovative banking solutions to its customers in Australia, NZ, Europe and Asia over the last 2 decades, is now offering digital banking, digital customer acquisition, personal financial management and loan origination as fully managed cloud services.

Sandstone Cloud Services (SCS) is a fully cloud-based offering for Sandstone products. With low entry cost, volume-based licensing and free from the hassles of having to manage your own IT operations; SCS offers a simple, affordable and elastic solution allowing the businesses to:

  • Focus on delivering customer delight;
  • Accelerate innovation cycles; and
  • Leverage the best of breed technology provided by cloud infrastructure.

SCS will be the preferred option for consuming Sandstone products and services.

Julian Blackley, CEO of Sandstone Technology, spoke about the importance of this new offering:

“Sandstone has been providing managed services solutions for some time however our fully integrated cloud offering is key to further enabling our customers to innovate, increase speed-to-market, reduce cost, and minimise time and effort traditionally spent on deployment programs and system maintenance.


Our dedicated SCS team brings together considerable experience in DevOps, infrastructure, environment management and security. We have engaged a number of customers since our launch earlier in the year and expect SCS to continue to be an attractive proposition to our valuable customer base.”

SCS provides businesses with the ability to execute turnkey programs for initiatives like Digital Customer Acquisition, Digital Banking or Origination services. Without the complexity of a traditional on-premise deployment which can involve significant upfront hardware and personnel cost, these programs can be delivered swiftly on SCS.

Andrew Duckworth, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Sandstone Technology stated:

“Our team is delighted to bring the benefits of rapid deployment and simplified management and operations to our customers.


We are already seeing clear business benefits within our customers from allowing them to leverage from product innovation months earlier than in traditional deployment strategies, with reduced cost and less need for scheduled downtime.”

Sandstone builds better banking experiences for its customers by creating smart connections.

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