Origination – Conference highlights 2018

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Digital Acquisition

GM for Digital Acquisition, Raymond Yap and his team demonstrated a series of exciting new digital tools…

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Digital Banking

GM for Digital Banking, Dom Monty and his team explained strong step forward in Bank-in-Control…

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Following the recent launch, Head of Sandstone Cloud Services, Chaitanya Pinnamaneni presented…

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CTO Andrew Duckworth, showcased DiVA – Document intelligence Verification Assistant…

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LendFast UI re-design

We are currently on the journey of redesigning the LendFast user interface, which began with a 3 month project to better understand our user pain points and needs. We bought to the table our knowledge of the lending landscape but started the design from a completely blank slate.

We started with 3 weeks of sessions involving 5 clients and 20 individual users with varying roles and experience levels. The next 9 weeks were a series of wireframing and user testing the prototype in quick iterations to improve the design in an agile approach. In total we ran 42 individual testing sessions, which included a colour blind user for accessibility purposes. The design went through 7 major iterations before arriving at the final outcomes which have been ratified with our clients.

Development is underway and we hope to be able to showcase the new LendFast UI soon.

Quick Assess module

LendFast Quick Assess module is a quick and easy to use dynamic capture tool for brokers and lenders that allows fully flexible data entry to provide real-time serviceability and collateral calculation results. It helps ensure that your first loan interview experience with the customer goes smoothly, helping to identify whether the customer can afford the loan before they start a lengthy full application process.

Quick Assess is designed for the ‘’assisted’’ loan channel, where a qualified broker or bank lender can discuss options with the customer, and handle those scenarios that are not so straight-forward.

Features include:

  • Flexible data capture that allows data to be entered in any order
  • Smart-linking function that auto-creates related data items – e.g. purchase purpose will create linked security and rental income items (when applicable)
  • Scratchpad gives the lenders a way to enter notes and keep them in the system, whilst not losing focus on the data entry form
  • Scenario comparison tool provides for what-if analysis to adjust inputs to meet serviceability targets
  • Existing customer integration to lender host systems of record to auto-populate existing liabilities/security details.
  • Integration with LMI providers and living expense/serviceability calculators – as per full LendFast, Apply and LARA – consistent serviceability results
  • All data captured is already in LendFast – it’s the same system, so no re-keying, and no data loss.

Quick Assess uses the latest responsive UI technology and can be accessed via desktop or tablet device, and every Quick Assess session can be seamlessly used to create a full application in LendFast. It’s that easy.

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