ME Bank’s online banking refresh

Say hello to ME Bank’s fresh, new internet banking service

December 15, 2016 | News Article

ME Bank has just launched a fresh new internet banking service in a joint project with Sandstone Technology (Sandstone).

The new service, which allows customers to view and administer their ME bank accounts, is simpler to use, easier on the eye and nicer all round as the videos at the following link illustrate.

Julian Blackley, CEO of Sandstone Technology, said “Sandstone is excited to bring a new Internet Banking solution to market with ME Bank. The focus is on introducing new valuable and enjoyable digital banking experiences to ME’s customers, while ensuring that any future services can easily be self-created and launched by the Bank. Building on our digital BankFast platform, we are able to provide ME Bank with rapid front-end innovation as well as stable and secure back-end capability. Delivering simple yet powerful banking experiences is at the core of what we do at Sandstone and we look forward to continuing our agile engagement approach with ME Bank delivering many more projects together.”

ME’s Brand and Digital Director, Ingrid Purcell, said “as a Digital bank, ME has to deliver a great online experience. Our new internet banking portal is a significant step forward in terms of functionality and importantly allows for future development. We built and launched the service quickly, testament to the collaborative, agile approach taken by both the ME and Sandstone teams. Desirable online and mobile banking is vital for supporting a fast-growing customer base, many of whom prefer to transact online. The new system was implemented with minimal interruption and has been well-received by customers.”

ME’s new internet banking service includes a host of features such as enhanced security and a new Liferay portal based dashboard, supporting customisation and inclusion of superannuation account details along with bank account details.

Sandstone builds better banking experiences for its customers by creating smart connections.

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