Meet Sandstone

Julian Blackley

March 27, 2019 |
Being at the forefront of innovation in the banking sector is an exciting place to be.

In this series we’ll meet the team developing the technological solutions that will underpin tomorrow’s digital banking.

Meet Sandstone

Name: Julian Blackley

Role: CEO

Mission: Driving tangible and strategic digital growth for financial institutions

Path to Sandstone

I originally embarked on a degree in engineering, before quickly realising that business and commerce were a much better fit for me. I changed across to a Bachelor of Commerce and discovered a love of reading case law I never knew existed.

I majored in accounting and law and was lucky enough to begin my career with an internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers while still studying. Moving onto their graduate program, and then through the ranks, I took a secondment to New York where I turned my focus to structured finance and securitisation.

That’s when I started to find my niche in banking and it’s been a common thread throughout my career ever since. I’ve worked on the advisory side, the commercial side, and in corporate and structured finance.

My structured finance experience is what brought me back to Australia and the opportunity to set up a new securitisation offering within PwC. That experience also propelled me into my first CFO role at Babcock & Brown, a premium investment banking firm.

The GFC then hit and leading a levered structured finance company presented some unique challenges. I would say that while there many lessons over those years, one of the major ones was the importance of true risk diversification.

After a global CFO role in Singapore and whilst at Deloitte as a partner, I was approached about the opportunity to lead a unique financial technology company in the banking space with an exceptional culture, amazing customer list, global presence and exciting growth opportunities….that company is Sandstone Technology!

Life at Sandstone

My day-to-day activities at Sandstone are about as predictable as the weather. But that’s one of the many reasons I love it. No matter what happens, I’m always focused on our customers and our teams in some way.

The culture is second to none here and I take my role in leading that culture very seriously. We have a truly meritocratic way of seeing things and a fantastic balance – we work hard, but with a playfulness that drives us through the tough times.

All of us are inspired by the feedback we get from our customers and that’s what really gets us going. If our customers love us, you can feel it in the air. The whole team gets a buzz from it and it pushes us to be even more innovative, engaged and problem-solving. It truly is an exciting space to be in and a great agile environment.

Life outside Sandstone

I work hard to have a good balance between work, family, social life and sport. I’m happiest when I’m with my family and two amazing daughters, surrounded by friends, out and about enjoying the amazing nature Australia offers.

I’m devoted to exercise; playing in the Sandstone Technology Volleyball team, going to the gym most days and love it when I can get out for a surf. Although these days I’m more a taxi for my girls than a surfer.

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