Market Harborough Goes Digital

Market Harborough

Market Harborough Building Society has deployed a Deposits Origination and Digital Servicing platform from Sandstone Technology


Nick Fielden, Market Harborough Building Society commented:

“Prior to the launch of the service, the Society had a limited online capability. Now through the service we have achieved a customer friendly real time online application process that allows customers to open and fund deposit accounts within a matter of minutes. This process removes a significant operational constraint and has reduced the cost and time of applications. At the same time the Society has a scalable online presence to support our customers online journey.

Sandstone successfully delivered on a complex integration and implementation project into our core platform. We look forward to continuing our Sandstone partnership and developing our online product suite.”

Andy Thompson, EMEA General Manager of Sandstone Technology stated:

“I’m delighted to see Market Harborough launch their updated online service using Sandstone’s BankFast platform. Their new digital banking service has been designed to be used on mobiles, as this is increasingly the channel of choice for consumers. Customers will also have access to an increased range of self-service features such as renewing their bonds and updating notice account instructions.

BankFast Apply will allow Market Harborough’s personal, business, charity and clubs to open new savings in a matter of minutes. It’s been a pleasure working with the team at Market Harborough and we’re delighted to further our commitment to the Building Society sector.”

Julian Blackley, CEO of Sandstone Technology, spoke about the importance of supporting Market Harborough during its digitalisation journey, and the impact the successful deployment has had on Sandstone’s growing EMEA business.

“We were fortunate to work closely with the Market Harborough team to deliver Sandstone’s internet banking platform (BankFast Online), digital acquisition capability (BankFast Apply) and enhanced online Registration system that we are confident will transform the digital experience for Market Harborough’s members.

Our EMEA business continues to grow well both in our direct-to-market business and through our channel partners. We congratulate the team at Market Harborough and look forward to continuing to work jointly through its digitalisation journey.”

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