5 easy tools for improving customer retention

With rapid, dramatic change now a constant in customers’ lives, their expectation for intuitive digital tools is only going to escalate.

Not only are people more digitally astute, but continued economic upheaval means they need to be able to adapt their mortgage terms to their circumstances and request further variations as conditions fluctuate.

With five different online modules for adjusting home loan amounts and terms, Manage my Mortgage is a powerful, omni-channel solution that will help banks future-proof their digital offering.

Manage my Mortgage cuts application time from days to minutes:

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Fast and responsive to reduce costs

Automation reduces application and processing times, substantially decreasing manual
labour, duplication of effort and re-work. Removes paper from operational processes
and improves efficiencies to free up staff for focusing on key business activities.


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Scalable, configurable, easily deployed

Totally configurable to business needs with new features quickly deployed in the cloud
or on premise. Scalability allows for growth based on customer demand; integration with
digital banking and loan origination platforms ensures seamless customer experiences.


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Easy, engaging interface

Empathy-driven processes are conversational and intuitive; customers are guided along
every step of the variation process with real-time dynamic feedback and expectations
about eligibility set up front.


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Online tools that help you connect with customers

It’s a take-no-prisoners kind of digital marketplace out there, and people expect streamlined apps that give quick results.

People are already struggling to adapt in a transformed world. If you can offer mobile-first home loan solutions that address their pain points, you’re on the right track to grow brand affinity and trust.

With Manage my Mortgage, people can apply to change their loan terms on their phone or any device, at any time, using five self-management modules:

  • Hardship assist: Defer home loan repayments
  • Product switch: Change from fixed to variable, variable to variable or variable to fixed loan
  • Renewals management: Receive your offers for competitive products when their special rate or fixed rate period is expiring
  • Loan+: Apply to top up a home loan amount
  • Extension management: Apply to extend remaining home loan term

Online applications can be completed within minutes, giving your customers instant gratification; results of loan variations are visible immediately to all parties. Customers can make real-time requests and receive information on the whole loan scenario to make informed decisions, adding up to a markedly better experience overall.



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Is your customer experience complete?

Mobile App is the logical companion product for rounding out your digital banking CX, with a mobile-first approach that delivers real value to your customers. It also integrates 100% with Manage my Mortgage.