People love simple

After 20+ years of doing fintech we understand your customers’ hearts and minds, and we have a clear picture of your needs too.

We’ve invested in a long-term program of research and development to ensure Loan+ is best in market, giving your customers the freedom to apply for an increase to their home loan at any time, from anywhere, on any device, with ease. As a Loan+ client, you’ll benefit from regular product updates that keep you ahead of the pack.



*Australian Bureau of statistics 2018


Average number of
refinances per month
in 2018*

*Based on single customer loan with documents at hand


Of a bank’s existing
customers will request a
top-up during their
loan period*

*Based on customer interviews


With Loan+ to reach
conditional approval


Fast, automated, integrated

Top-ups shouldn’t be as onerous as full home loans. Lift the burden off staff and the customer with real-time assessments achieved through integration with customer data, decisioning engines and third parties.


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Fully flexible, configurable and risk averse

Your top-up engine needs to be smart enough to avoid risk and adapt to changes in your policies – and to look and feel like your brand. Loan+
does all of that.


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Real customer centricity

It’s a take-no-prisoners kind of digital marketplace out there, and people expect streamlined apps that give quick results.

With Loan+, your customer can log in using their existing net banking, discover their top-up amount in minutes (without being asked annoying redundant questions) – and it all happens in a conversational, guided interface.

The benefits for you include increased retention, lower fraud risk, easier compliance and improved operational efficiencies across your whole value chain. And you’re working with a proven, trusted, tested fintech solutions provider.



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Automate the rest of your loan application process

LendFast is the logical next step in your customers’ loan journey. Automate your loan processing for shorter approvals and higher profits on a platform that integrates 100% with Loan+.