Transparent is the new normal

Customers don’t want to be left in the dark about the progress of their application status, and neither do your brokers.

Sandstone’s TRACKER is a browser-based, self-service customer care portal that empowers all stakeholders with full visibility and greater control. Opening up your credit and deposit process to those who have the most at stake is the smartest, proven way to drive more successful applications.


of documents supplied by customers and brokers today are invalid


reduction in manual touch-time throughout assessment process

4 secs

per page auto indexing

5 mins

to auto index sample 80 page document (saving up to 55mins per application)


new applications per day


FTE savings

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Reduced attrition

All interactions are digital including regular, automated alerts and contact with assessors. Customers can upload documents and track mortgage progress through a simple, conversational interface on their device of choice, leading to fewer incomplete applications.


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Happier brokers

With full visibility of all their applications and less re-keying of customer data, brokers reap the benefits of reduced processing time. That includes shorter time to conversion.


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Teams freed up to value add

Automation and AI reduce manual processing, so you can write more business with the same-sized team. Direct contact with customers means fewer high-cost touchpoints, e.g., customer service calls; less time spent processing mortgage applications means lower cost per application.


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Finally, the end of tedious tasks for your staff

How happy will your servicing team be, with account information delivered in a timely manner? With real-time notifications? With responsive design that enables them to consistently brand the interface?

Tracker integrates with existing host systems and third-party platforms. Not only that, it meshes with other Sandstone products along the acquisition journey – our application platform (BankFast Apply), loan original system (LendFast) and document verification solution (DiVA).

Meanwhile your brokers and customers are able to view and interrogate every aspect of their application results: one reliable path to improved customer/broker satisfaction and brand loyalty.



A one-stop portal for uploads and status tracking.


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