Sandstone Technology joins FEW as a new Corporate Partner and Sponsor of Popular Live Stream Series to Promote Diversity in Technology

Financial Executive Women (FEW) is proud to announce Sandstone Technology, a leading digital banking solution fintech company, as its newest corporate partner and first FEW Connect Live Stream sponsor.


FEW provides a deep community and digital platform for women who are progressing their careers and want access to strong peer support networks, group mentoring and tools that will help develop their careers every single day. A new pillar of FEW's offering are the FEW Connect Live Streams. Hosted three days a week by Alex Tullio, CEO of FEW, the live streams feature industry leaders and guest experts who deep dive into topics such as leadership, diversity and inclusion and emotional intelligence.

The Live Stream Thursday slot will now be home to 'Digital First: A Banking Transformation Series' and co-hosted by Sandstone Technology's Chief Customer Officer, Michael Phillipou. Alex and Michael will dive into all things digital transformation bringing some of the best leaders, change-makers, and digital transformation experts from around the globe. An important feature of the conversation will be diversity in technology roles, in particular 'women in tech'.

"We're exceptionally proud to be partnering with FEW and to be participating in their ground-breaking FEW Connect Live Stream series. Sandstone Technology is a firm believer in providing women within the finance and technology industry with as much opportunity as possible to self-educate and learn from key industry professionals. This new 'Digital First: A Banking Transformation Series' is a platform where we'll hear from thought leaders in digital banking, offering real insights into the challenges faced within the market, as well as the opportunities that await. We are incredibly excited to be able to deliver this level of information to the audience alongside FEW" stated Michael Phillipou.

Sandstone Technology will also be coming on board as a Ruby Partner, giving their employees access to the FEW community, masterclasses by industry experts and group mentoring circles. Alex Tullio - "We are thrilled to welcome Sandstone Technology onboard not only as a Ruby Partner but also as our sponsor and co-host of the new 'Digital First:
Banking Transformation Series'. FEW is all about supporting the positive progression of women and addressing gender equality in the workplace, so It's great to see an organisation like Sandstone Technology committed to investing in their female talent and being part of the FEW community."

Sandstone Technology partnering with popular live stream series FEW

Posted by Sandstone Technology on Dec 7, 2020 10:03:20 PM
We’re now an official corporate partner of Financial Executive Women (FEW) and will sponsor FEW’s tri-weekly Connect Live Stream events, hosted by Alex Gullio. Sandstone Technology’s Chief Customer Officer Michael Phillipou will co-host the ‘Digital First: A Banking Transformation Series’ events with Alex on Thursdays.


Michael is also welcomed as part of the FEW Good Men initiative. FEW Good Men is a voluntary mentoring initiative ensuring members have the guidance support and experience to advance their careers.