First impressions count

Your customers do a ton of desk research. So give them the tools that make them feel comfortable, informed and at one with your brand.

Our property calculators are some of the most simple and intuitive you’ll find in market, giving prospective buyers real figures and useful information during their fact-finding phase. Customers can research their financial fitness and borrowing eligibility, with product recommendations based on their preferences and product comparisons against other lenders.

Give them the reassurance they need during this emotional journey with Sandstone's Loan Application Research Assistant (LARA) suite of calculators.



*Demand Metric 2015 Digital Marketing Benchmark Report


Average time taken for
path to purchase*


Most consumers spend
more than 22 hours across
different touchpoints
using multiple devices to
support their property


Bank websites are the top
touchpoint for property
and home mortgage research*



*GfK / Google UK research

Loan Application Research Assistant suite of calculators

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Beat My Mortgage

Shows how your product can beat the customer’s current mortgage



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Borrowing Power

Calculates a customer’s potential maximum borrowing power / whether they can borrow a desired amount



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Mortgage Lab

Customer explores a range of borrowing scenarios based on terms lengths, repayments, additional payments etc.



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Find the Right Mortgage

Displays relevant loan products based on  customer’s preferred loan features



uk screenshot5


Buy or Rent

Calculates customer’s borrowing power based on their current rental payments



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Improved conversion rates

Calculator users are more likely to complete their application. Armed with relevant information, customers are more confident to take the next step and less likely to abandon the process early.


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Focus on the customer

Tools are available when it suits the customer, on their device of choice. Calculator interface design is based around real-life scenarios with minimal taxing touchpoints.


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Integrate with your acquisition products

Customer data is captured and prepopulated into other Sandstone platforms. It means less re-keying of data for customers, less double handling at your end and reduced time to acquisition.


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Start a meaningful relationship

Consumers are hungry for help and reassurance during their property search. They expect an easy, engaging user experience from first contact, with tools that are relevant to their needs.

Using our suite of LARA calculators, mortgage seekers can see how your product beats their current provider. They can calculate their potential maximum borrowing power and explore a range of borrowing scenarios and products from your organisation.

Meanwhile, you’re keeping people on your website longer, capturing leads and increasing your chance of conversion. It’s a win-win, thanks to LARA’s market-leading capabilities.



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What’s next in your acquisition chain?

BankFast Apply is the logical next step in your customers’ mortgage journey. Gear up for simple, frictionless on personal and business banking account applicationsline applications that nail compliance and integrate 100% with LARA. No re-keying required! BankFast Apply easily manages personal and business account applications too.