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In this increasingly complex market, your teams should be focused on growing your business, not caught up in a slow, manually-intensive credit and deposit origination processes.

Sandstone's Digital Intelligent Verification Assistant (DiVA) takes full advantage of the power of AI to automate your origination assessment, all while ensuring regulatory compliance. DiVA makes verification simple and fast, freeing up resources, reducing human error and ensuring a frictionless and more transparent customer experience.

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*based on internal industry assessment of document processing for a common home mortgage application.

DiVA 2



10 mins

per application to assess documents

50 mins

saved per application

= 40

additional new
applications per day


increased efficiency


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Cost efficiencies through AI

AI-assisted verification and assessment minimise processing bottlenecks and reduce human touchpoints. A better customer experience brings higher conversion rates; labour cost savings mean lower cost per application and higher revenues.


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Less risk, more compliance

Data verification and easy identification reduce the risk of fraud. Minimal touchpoints close compliance gaps between branch and online, with regulatory and internal compliance both proven and auditable.


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Streamlined back office

Automation takes pressure off assessors’ workloads and reduces re-working, through a scalable framework that has minimal impact on BAU. Minimise your policy implementation and staff training costs through in-built rules.


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Find out what AI is capable of

DiVA automates everything from indexing and interpreting information to identifying missing data, verifiying data, redacting and extracting information and presenting it in a logical flow format for assessors.

You can analyse bank statements, payslips and transaction information easily, turning them into machine-readable data. Use your admin console to set rules that match your internal data and policy rules.

And you can deploy and test new features quickly and safely as we introduce them into the platform as part of our ongoing research and development program.



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Is your customer experience complete?

Mobile App is the logical companion product for rounding out your digital banking CX, with a mobile-first approach that delivers real value to your customers. It also integrates 100% with DiVA.