Leaving complexity where it belongs.

Monergise is a new innovative module specifically designed for Sandstone's Mobile App to help your customers manage their money while increasing their financial awareness and well-being.

By using insights into consumer behaviour, Monergise helps bridge the gap between your customers current financial decisions and how the consequences of those decisions will impact them now and into the future.


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More than just money management.

Enhance the customer journey with financial wellbeing Mobile App module, Monergise. Customers can take advantage of transaction management features, including tagging, to categorise transactions and merchants to provide real ‘Money In’ and ‘Money Out’ insights.

Advanced search features provide the capability to search transactions.  With a clear overview of their transactions, customers can manage their accounts with ease - track income, living, and lifestyle transactions to reveal cashflow and expenditure insights by category view.

Give your customers real-time visibility across their accounts in one place with their preferred settings activated including notification alerts to help make smarter informed money decisions, enabling them to feel on top of their finances and adopt better spending habits.


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Key Features

Bill Management


monergise refresh

Automatically identifies recurring bills and provides a forward view of them in a timeline.


monergise dollar

Auto sweep to ensure account balance has sufficient funds to fulfil upcoming payments.


monergise bell

Push notifications to remind you about upcoming bills and low account balance(s).

Billers List ANZ

Transaction Enrichment_ANZ

Transaction Enrichment


monergise sale

Simple categorisation view of
transactions with the ability to
tag spending by categories.


monergise buy

Top spending habits
enabled by payment


monergise roof

Merchant details 
captured by using
the smart PFM engine.



monergise phone

Simple view of all incoming and outgoing cashflow and average monthly expenses.


monergise quote

Personalised tips to provide hyper-relevant insights to promote engagement and improve financial wellbeing.


monergise checkbox

Spending categories grouped by discretionary (lifestyle), needs (living), and incomes.



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