Personalised, customised and segmented internet banking experiences.

BankFast Online is the next generation online banking solution designed to allow financial institutions to engage with their customers by delivering a comprehensive set of banking functions.

BankFast Online is a flexible self service multichannel Online Banking solution, delivering a fast, secure online customer experience. Seamlessly integrated with the core banking, cards systems and other external systems it offers a comprehensive set of banking functions.

BankFast Online puts your customers in control of their online banking experience via easy to use widgets that can be dragged and dropped to change the layout of their screen. One customer for instance may want to view their savings goals at the top while another may want to make home loan information more prominent.

Your customers have complete control over the information that’s displayed on their screen to ensure that they only view information of interest to them. By adding and removing widgets your customers can ensure that the information on their screen remains relevant and that they stay on your site longer.

BankFast Online also allows you to tailor the online banking experience to the segments that you are targeting. 

For your high net worth segment, for example, you can provide a premium look and feel, add superannuation news feeds, stock market updates and term deposit account offers. Alternatively students can be presented with a different landing page incorporating their information with links to social media, offers for car loans and travel insurance. 

Sophisticated security features are seamlessly integrated into our solutions without compromising your customers’ experience. We partner with the leading providers of security solutions in the industry to protect both you and your customers from malicious activity.

Containing comprehensive business banking functionality, BankFast Online is appropriate for businesses of all sizes. From entity management, many-to-sign, delegated user authority, payment authorisations and payroll management, BankFast Online has it all covered.

With innovative solutions available for desktop, mobile and tablet devices, the possibilities are endless in the world of customer engagement banking.