Sandstone Cloud Services – Conference highlights 2018

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Digital Acquisition

GM for Digital Acquisition, Raymond Yap and his team demonstrated a series of exciting new digital tools…

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Digital Banking

GM for Digital Banking, Dom Monty and his team explained strong step forward in Bank-in-Control…

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GM for Lending Solutions, Liam Crehan and his team announced the significant investment…

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CTO Andrew Duckworth, showcased DiVA – Document intelligence Verification Assistant…

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Sandstone Cloud Services

Cloud Innovation
Cloud Innovation

The phenomenal rise of cloud computing has amazed us all. It has also changed the conversations around cloud services from “how it works?”, to the expectation that “it should just work!”.

Now all Sandstone products are available as services in Sandstone Cloud Services (SCS); an elastic cloud designed around the core concepts of data protection, high availability, security and continuous delivery. We aspire to deliver these services at a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while delivering features faster to the market in a hassle-free manner.

In today’s age of data, fast and secure access to it has become the absolute must for any successful business. These key elements have been baked into the design of the Sandstone Cloud Services (SCS) platform.

  • Data Protection: To protect data sovereignty, we ensure that all data remains in a specific AWS region
  • Security: Individual client encryption keys are used to encrypt all customer data at rest. Also, the platform has been architected to achieve high-level of isolation using Virtual Private Cloud and secured VPN access
  • High Availability: All of this is wrapped around the elasticity of the cloud to achieve a highly available and scalable platform
  • Continuous Delivery: Using continuous delivery pipelines, we have streamlined the application release management processes while providing complete automation for deployments and monitoring.

SCS also provides access to cloud-native services from Sandstone SaaS suite of products (E.g. DiVA). These “born in cloud” Sandstone services have been designed to be multi-tenanted and leverage the power cloud to deliver a cost-effective solution at scale.

The platform aims to empower businesses to innovate at lightning speed while leveraging the power of Sandstone products, their APIs, analytics from those APIs and AI capabilities of the cloud as enabled by Sandstone Cloud Services. So you benefit from

  • Lower TCO: By leveraging the scale of cloud, license consolidation across third-party vendors and deployment optimization, we offer the same services at a lower total cost of ownership for you
  • Faster Features: By extending our automated delivery pipelines to SCS, the features are available for you to consume at your convenience. So, no more waiting for release cycles or windows to enable new features
  • Hassle-free delivery: We design, we build, and we deploy. So, no more worries about operations or deployments. Letting you focus completely on innovation.

If you like the cloud, you will love the Sandstone Cloud Services.

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