Automation – Conference highlights 2018

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Digital Acquisition

GM for Digital Acquisition, Raymond Yap and his team demonstrated a series of exciting new digital tools…

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Digital Banking

GM for Digital Banking, Dom Monty and his team explained strong step forward in Bank-in-Control…

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GM for Lending Solutions, Liam Crehan and his team announced the significant investment…

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Following the recent launch, Head of Sandstone Cloud Services, Chaitanya Pinnamaneni presented…

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Process automation

Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning and AI are becoming pervasive, from Google predicting your drive home to E-commerce sites recommending that new product you desperately need. Alexa and Google Home are now in many peoples homes and recently cars, simplifying and providing new options in the way we interact with computer systems.

Introducing Sandstone’s new system DiVA – Document intelligent Verification Assistant that combines machine learning, OCR with various data sources to quickly and accurately process documents. The first industry Sandstone is utilising this innovation for processing Lending documentation, one of the remaining manual steps in many banks process prior to approval, and one getting a lot of attention from regulators such as APRA.

Technology update

  • Integration of all Sandstone’s products to allow seamless customer journeys between Banking, Financial Management and opening new accounts
  • Working with partners to enable key complementary capabilities such as Biometrics, Image Recognition and Natural Language Processing and our Cloud deployment platform
  • Adopting best-of-breed architecture:
    • API enabled
    • Decoupled modern front-end
    • Reusable microservices
    • Stateless back-ends
  • Many of Sandstone’s products are there already with others actively moving to this target state
  • Publishing our APIs and supporting Open Banking
  • Sandstone is incorporating Machine Learning, AI and Analytics into our products

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