Digtial Acquisition – Conference highlights 2018

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Following the recent launch, Head of Sandstone Cloud Services, Chaitanya Pinnamaneni presented…

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Digital Banking

GM for Digital Banking, Dom Monty and his team explained strong step forward in Bank-in-Control…

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GM for Lending Solutions, Liam Crehan and his team announced the significant investment…

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CTO Andrew Duckworth, showcased DiVA – Document intelligence Verification Assistant…

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Digital Acquisition

LARA (Loan Application Research Assistant) is a unique set of simple yet comprehensive home loan calculators that allow customers to discover and learn more about borrowing for a home. LARA offers an intuitive and interactive flow between the different calculators that allows for minimal user touch points without compromising functionality. Specifically they can learn:

  • The maximum amount of money they can borrow (via Borrowing Power)
  • Whether they can borrow a specified amount (via Borrowing Power)
  • What is the most suitable loan product given their preferred features (via Product Suitability)
  • How much they could borrow based on their existing rental payments, with the ability to add extra contributions from savings (via Buy or Rent)
  • Whether they could get a better loan elsewhere compared to their current provider (via Beat My Loan)
  • Different scenarios and loan calculations, such as those based on different term lengths or repayment amounts (via Loan Lab).

LARA has been designed using up-to-date responsive technologies to make it accessible across mobile, tablet or desktop devices. With seamless integration to Sandstone’s online account origination and lending platforms, information can be propagated without the customer having to re-enter it. The user interface is supported by micro-service technologies that provide adaptability to, and the reusability of, components across the Sandstone product suite.

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