Are your members getting
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Building Societies are having to adapt to the digital age

The internet has changed many things, not more so than the way in which people interact with financial services. However, not everyone has bought into this digital revolution, which is specifically true in the Building Society market. There are a cohort of members who are happy to continue to engage with their Building Society by visiting a branch and using their Passbook.

This presents a challenge, not having a digital capability is not an option, as a proportion of the existing members will want a digital option and most new members, certainly in the millennial demographic, will expect it. This all means that you still cater to the traditional member, but in order to stay relevant, cater for digitally savvy existing and new members.

Sandstone Technology is there to help you meet this challenge with affordable origination and online account servicing solutions.

Our solutions allow you to:

  • Broaden your demographic appeal and make your business more relevant
  • Provide your members with an exceptional digital experience increasing customer satisfaction
  • Reduce costs across sales and operations
  • Increase the scalability of the business
  • Become more agile within the market and become pro-active, not re-active
  • Reduce risk, cost and implementation time by adding digital capabilities to existing core servicing systems


Sandstone BankFast Digital Banking Platform

A proven, scalable, best of breed solution that can be fully integrated into multiple core and third party platforms. Its responsive design is easy to use and the fully functioning interface supports all major browsers. The multi-branding facility is fully customisable through help text, buttons, images, branding and colours to ensure your business is consistently represented within the market. With the customer at the forefront of the design and development process, the user experience is enhanced offering intuitive, interactive design processes whether it be for savings, retail or business banking customers.

Through the digital origination and online servicing your business will reap immediate benefit through offering the following:

  • Originate Deposit Accounts:
    • Savings, bonds/term, notice, ISAs
    • Personal, Business, Charity, Trust
    • eID / AML / Peps and sanctions / Bank code lookup
    • Companies House integration
  • Instant account opening on Host / Core Platform
  • Immediate account logon:
    • DeskTop, LapTop, Tablet, Mobile
  • Account funding by Debit Card
  • Administration Modules
    • Setup and launch new products
    • Mobile App

Key features of BankFast include:

  • Online Originate for deposit accounts:
    • Savings, bonds/term, notice, ISAs
    • Personal, Business, Charity, Trust
  • Straight-through process with third party integration
    • eID&V / AML / Peps and sanctions / Bank code lookup
    • Companies House integration (Business Accounts)
  • Real-time
    • Account opening & Logon
    • Account funding by Debit Card
  • Account Servicing
    • Via browser, Desktops, Laptops and Tablets
    • Native Mobile App for iOS and Android
    • Rich feature set for personal and business banking

Organisations who are meeting their digital transformation needs through Sandstone Technology solutions include:

  • Market Harborough Building Society
  • Cumberland Building Society
  • Arbuthnot Latham
  • Kent Reliance
  • One Savings Bank

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Sandstone builds better banking experiences for its customers by creating smart connections.

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